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We design and manufacture electro-automatic devices for many sectors of the economy, agriculture and individual customers. Among other things, we produce: UV-C air sterilizers, UV-C water sterilizers and sewage, UV-C surface sterilizers, UVC lamps, stationary and mobile devices for water ozonation, containers for decontamination of vehicles, maintenance-free disinfection stations, disinfection curtains for car spraying, decontamination booths. Our company's products are professional devices that are used to effectively clean the air of viruses (including influenza, SARS -CoV-2), bacteria, spores, yeast, algae, protozoa and fungi.



Our devices can be used in:

Public utility facilities, including hospital facilities, educational facilities, administrative facilities, food industry facilities, including commercial and service facilities, warehouses, shops, means of communication, elevators and toilets, any living space. In addition, our devices are used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as in sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants.


XXX National Agricultural Exhibition - Jasna Góra Harvest Festival 4-5 September 2021.

Relay World Athletics Championships - World Athletics Relays Silesia 21, which took place on May 1 and 2, 2021. at the Silesian Stadium.

Finals of the Youth World Championships in Olympic Boxing - Kielce 2021. - safely thanks to our sterilizers

We care about the safety of participants and organizers of the 14-day World Youth Olympic Boxing Championships - Kielce 2021 in the sanitary regime.